9 Dec 2008

PRO-IDEAL at Solar-ICT and WINDS-LA events

On December 1 and 2, The two ending projects Solar-ICT and Winds-LA organised a workshop and final conference for a delegation of Latin American ICT researchers. PRO-IDEAL has been invited to present the opportunities it offers and showed that with its main tool, the PRO-IDEAL platform (to be ready around May 09 at www.pro-ideal.eu) it will continue the efforts of the two projects and build upon their results. Monday afternoon was hosted by the office of Catalunya in Brussels and gave an overview on support institutions and mechanisms for Latin American companies/institutions that look for business or research partners in Europe. The final conference on Tuesday morning assembled an audience from press, media, embassy representatives and the Latin American delegation that gave an interesting overview on ICT activities in countries as different as, for example, Paraguay, Mexico or Guatemala.

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