30 Apr 2015

Academic Summit Abstract Submission until 17 May 2015

Abstracts for any of the 4 main topics of the Academic Summit 2015 can be submitted until 17 May 2015. The topics are"
-Foster the bi-regional integration of Higher Education
-Promoting the bi-regional integration of systems for scientific research, technology and innovation
-Bi-regional Collaboration between Institutions of Higher Education and their relations to society in particular the productive sector
-Academic world and public sector and policies
  More information: Call for paper - Programme - Registration

14 Apr 2015

Seminar in preparation for the CELAC-UE Summit held in Brussels

On 14 April 2015, the Egmont Institute in collaboration with IRELAC organised a preparatory seminar for the CELAC-UE Summit of Heads of State and Government. Çhaired by Vicomte Etienne Davignon, president of the Egmont Institute, the morning session featured prominent speakers: H.E. Mr. Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, H.E. Ms. Ilze Juhansone, Permanent Representative of Latvia to the EU, representing the EU Presidency, Mr. Christian Leffler, Managing Director Americas, European External Action Service, and H.E. Mr. Carlos Appelgren Balbotín, Ambassador of Chile.
From left to right: HE C. Appelgren, HE D. Reynders, Vicomte E. Davignon, HE I. Juhansone, C. Leffler.

The panel stressed the advantages of a strengthened EU-LAC cooperation in areas of global interest, but made clear that a dialogue alone is not sufficient, action is needed. For this purpose, some focus areas were put forward. Here some quotes:
D. Reynders: "It is important to base cooperation on the shared values between Europe and Belgium, and Latin America and the Caribbean."
I. Juhansone: "We have to seize the opportunity to work together - an opportunity we do not have when working alone."
C. Leffler: "For me, investment is more important than trade as it shows a long-term intention".
C. Appelgren B.: "A high-level meeting every two years is not enough: We need to strengthen the dialogue, connect the societies, organise sectoral plenary meetings including SMEs, take the opportunities a community of 61 States offer at the global scene".

The second part of the seminar centered around more practical ways on how to implement the political ideas. Arnaldo Abruzzini,secretary general of Eurochambers, has some concrete suggestions:
- Create higher visibility of the EU (not only the single Member States) in Latin America and the Caribbean
- Exchange cultural perspectives through a EU-LAC ERASMUS for young entrepreneurs
- Connect business people, e.g. through connecting business registers.

If you want to have your say in the EU-CELAC relations, visit the site of the Academic Summit 2015 with its programme (that includes a session with industry) and the Call for Papers!

10 Dec 2014

El muro de Berlin - 25 años despues en la revista de la Universidad de Chile

La revista de la Universidad de Chile "realidad y perspectivas" dedica su número de noviembre 2014 a la caída del muro de Berlin hace 25 años. Artículos captivantes como "Arista chilena del caso Honecker" o "Los chilenishe patrioten" merecen una atención sobre el tema del punto de vista chilena! Download RyP No 37.

18 Nov 2014

Academic Summit Preparatory Meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico

The second preparatory meeting for the Academic Summit that will take place in 2015 in Brussels, is organised in Guadalajara, Mexico on 25/26 November 2014. Representatives of both sides of the Atlantic will discuss the potential agenda, based on the findings of the SAntiago Declaration from 2013. For more info, visit: Academic Summit Page.

La segunda reunión preparatoria para la Cumbre Académica que tendrá lugar en 2015 en Bruselas se desarrolla en Guadalajara, Mexico, los días 25/26 de noviembre. Representantes de ambos lados del Atlántico van a discutir la agenda, basado sobre la Declaración de Santiago de 2013. Mas información: Página de la Cumbre Académica.

3 Jul 2014

New SPOTLIGHT section for crucial topics

The new SPOTLIGHT section will present you articles, interviews or video clips about topics of mutual interest for EU and the LAC region. The contributions are made specially for AMERICAS Innovation platform. We are happy to start the series with Isabel Recavarren, indefatigable fighter for women rights on both sides of the Atlantic. Read her article: "Igualdad y Equidad de Género: un Panorama Internacional" (only in Spanish).

EN EL ESCENARIO presenta artículos, entrevistas o clips video sobre temas de interés mutual para la UE y América Latina y el Caribe. Disfrute el articulo de Isabel Recavarren, luchadora incansable para los derechos de la mujer: "Igualdad y Equidad de Género: un Panorama Internacional".

Final event of EUCARINET held in Barbados

The EU funded project EUCARINET (EU-Caribbean bi-regional Science & Innovation dialogue) held a series of activities at The University of West Indies (UWI), Barbados  for the final set of activities organized on the frame of closure of the project. For more information about presentation and speeches, have a look at the final event page.

22 May 2014

Webinar on IPRs in Argentina and Paraguay

The fourth webinar of the MERCOSUR IPR SME Helpdesk (co-managed by EUROCHAMBRES) is getting closer! The webinar is planned to take place on June, 4th at 15.00h (GMT+2) as an introduction to the Mission for Growth to Panama, Argentina and Paraguay in June 2014 which will be led by Mr Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship.
For registration and for further information on the mission for growth to Latin America please click on Mission's website.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more on IPR in Argentina and Paraguay!

17 Apr 2014

Acto de presentación "Primera Convocatoria Bilateral Argentina- España para Proyectos Empresariales de I+D" - 23 abril 2014

El miércoles 23 de abril tendrá lugar el acto de presentación de la "Primera Convocatoria Bilateral Argentina- España para Proyectos Empresariales de I+D". 

En esta ocasión se presentarán las ayudas que el FONTAR y el FONSOFT (a través de sus líneas ANR INTERNACIONAL) ponen a disposición de las empresas pymes argentinas para el desarrollo de proyectos de I+D+I en forma conjunta con empresas y centros de investigación de España, así como las que el CDTI pone a disposición de las empresas españolas. 

El acto contará con la presencia en la sesión de apertura de la Ing. Águeda Menvielle, Directora Nacional de Relaciones Internacionales de MINCyT y del Embajador de España en Argentina, D. Estanislao de Grandes Pascual. 

La Primera Fase de la Convocatoria Bilateral abrió el pasado 4 de abril. Durante la jornada se entregará información práctica sobre las ayudas y la forma de presentación de proyectos, con un espacio reservado para reuniones bilaterales con los técnicos del MINCYT y el CDTI después de la jornada. 

Para inscripciones y solicitud de reuniones: 
Emiliano Zapata (ezapata@mincyt.gob.ar) o Jessica Ruiz Parraga (Jessica.ruiz@cdti.es) 

9 Apr 2014

News from Fundación Eurosur

Read the newest developments of funding opportunities, EU-LAC relations and the European Parliament elections in the most recent Newsletter of Fundación Eurosur.

25 Mar 2014

AMERICAS becomes the EU-LAC Innovation Portal

Continuity is rare in our short-lived times of rapid changes and quick developments. But established contacts, reliable partners and a thriving network is as important as ever. Therefore, EMF continues supporting the continuous dialogue between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean, for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders. The EU-LAC Innovation Portal is an independent and open platform for all interested. The blog and web address will not change, just the content - and we hope to receive interesting contributions from the large EU-LAC community. For more information, contact us!

AHCIET News - the news for research and telecommunication

AHCIET es la Asociación Iberoamericana de Centros de Investigación y Empresas de Telecomunicaciones, institución privada sin ánimo de lucro, creada en 1982 y conformada por más de 50 empresas operadoras de telecomunicaciones en Latinoamérica, entre las que figuran empresas públicas, privadas, multinacionales y locales, diversidad que brinda una significativa representación de toda la industria. Consulte su revista on-line!

5 Mar 2014

Do you want to contribute to social change in LATAM through mobile solutions?

The Road Map for M-Inclusion is one of the main results in the project. M-Inclusion Roadmap is a detailed guide containing: the needs of the identified end users (people with disabilities, chronic patients, people form isolated areas and low-income), suitable technological solutions for these needs, gaps encountered, emerging technological trends and recommended actions in order to fully tackle social inclusion objectives in health, education, economy and mobility, from the current LATAM demography perspectives. 

It also includes the impact that these tendencies will have on the key stakeholders identified: developers, public bodies, financial bodies and industrial partners.

A Roadmap for M-Inclusion Summary is available on (Road Map summary): http://www.m-inclusion.eu/content/public-results

And the complete version of the Roadmap can be downloaded at: http://www.m-inclusion.eu/sites/default/files/D6.1_Roadmap%20for%20M-Inclusion_vfinal.rar

27 Feb 2014

Erasmus+ to boost student exchanges and partnerships between EU and Latin America!

Students and academic staff from Latin America will have more opportunities to study or train in European universities thanks to increased support from Erasmus+, the new European funding programme for education, training, sport and youth.

Since 2004, more than 8 000 students and staff from Latin America have benefitted from grant support from the EU to study or train in European universities through the Erasmus Mundus programme, which is now integrated into Erasmus+.

RISC project issues its Green Paper

The RISC project issues its Green Paper that aims at identifying High Performance Computing and Supercomputing Drivers and needs at as well as identifying strategic needs and fostering long term policies of research collaboration and cooperation of EU and LA countries.

13 Dec 2013

MERCOSUR IPR SME Helpdesk was launched in November 2013!

In November 2013 DG Enterprise and Industry organized a Stakeholder Meeting of IPR support initiatives, including the MERCOSUR IPR SME Helpdesk. All initiatives are supervised by DG Enterprise and Industry and presented at the meeting their respective 2013 achievements and programmes for 2014.

The Mercosur IPR SME Helpdesk aims to facilitate the expansion of European SMEs interested in or operating in the Mercosur region and Chile, through increased know-how of the usage and enforcement of the IP system and IPR.

Erasmus+ Work Programme 2014/2015 published on 12 December 2013!

Erasmus+ is the new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport for 2014-2020, starting in January 2014. The Work Programme 2014/2015 was published on 12 December 2013! 

Erasmus+ aims at boosting skills and employability, and modernising Education, Training and Youth work. With a budget of €14.7 billion within its 7 year programme, it represents a 40% increase compared to current spending levels and shows the EU's commitment to investing in these areas.

Have a look here to find out what's in it for you!

11 Dec 2013

Horizon 2020 Work Programmes 2014/15 published today!

After the final adoption yesterday, the European Commission published the Horizon 2020 Work Programmes today. 
All programmes and ancillary documents such as model contracts, rules of participation etc. can be found at: 

18 Oct 2013

La Escuela de Verano para Ángeles de Proyecto II se realizo con exito en Colombia! / Project Angels Summer School II successfully held in Colombia!

En 3-4 de octubre 2013, Hotel Hilton en Cartagena de las Indias, Colombia, recibió 25 participantes de entidades públicas y privadas en Colombia, principalmente investigadores en el ámbito de las TIC. Ellos participaron en la Escuela de Verano para Ángeles de Proyecto II, un evento organizado por COLCIENCIAS, Colombia, y EMF - El Foro de la e-Excelencia, EU.

Ana Maria Mojica, Delegación de la Unión Europea en Colombia, durante su discurso, destacó la importancia de la cooperación bi-regional entre la Unión Europea y América Latina en el campo de la Investigación e Innovación.

Aikaterini Sylla, EMF - El Foro de la e-Excelencia, presentó Horizonte 2020 y Erasmus+, los nuevos programas de movilidad y de Investigación e Innovación de la Unión Europea , al público. El foco fue en las oportunidades de participación y financiación para los países terceros.

Sara Araujo, COLCIENCIAS, presentó los logros de la cooperación entre la Unión Europea y América Latina y presentó las áreas de interés para Colombia en los próximos años.

Los participantes tuvieron la oportunidad aplicar este conocimiento mediante el desarrollo de propuestas innovadoras , en el marco de ejercicios y simulaciones.

La Escuela de Verano se dirige a Ángeles de Proyecto (personas capacitados para comprender los programas de financiación de la Unión Europea para apoyar a los posibles participantes locales) y los futuros Ángeles de Proyecto .

Más información sobre la Escuela de Verano II para Ángeles de Proyecto.
Para más información sobre el Programma ICT del Horizonte 2020, echan un vistazo al ICT Wiki.

On 3-4 October 2013 Hotel Hilton in Cartagena de las Indias, Colombia welcomed 25 participants from various private and public entitites in Colombia, mainly researchers in the field of ICT, who took part in the Summer School for Project Angels II, organised by COLCIENCIAS, Colombia, and EMF - The Forum of e-Excellence, EU, within the framework of AMERICAS.

Ana Maria Mojica, EU delegation in Colombia, spoke about the importance of the bi-regional cooperation between the European Union and Latin America in the field of Research and Innovation.

Aikaterini Sylla, EMF - The Forum of e-Excellence, introduced Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+, the new programmes of the European Union in the field of mobility and Research and Innovation, to the audience. Emphasis was given on the participation and funding opportunities for third countries.

Sara Araujo, COLCIENCIAS, presented the achievements of the EU-LAC cooperation and presented the focus areas for Colombia for the next years.

Participants had the opportunity to apply this knowledge by developing innovative proposals, within the framework of exercises and simulations.

The Summer School is aimed at Project Angels (persons trained to understand EU funding programmes to support potential local participants) and future Project Angels.

More information about the Summer School II for Project Angels.
For more information about the ICT Programme of Horizon 2020, visit the ICT Wiki.

16 Oct 2013

Latin America at the ICT2013 event

Latin American countries will be present at the ICT2013 event, in Vilnius, Lithuania on 6-8 November, 2013, through a networking session and an exhibition stand.
Room H1F, 07/11/2013 (11:00-11:45)
“Enhancing ICT cooperation with emerging economies in Latin America” by Yolanda Ursa (INMARK, Spain) and Rosa Wachenchauzer (MINCYT, Argentina).

Stand number 02.06 (International area)
The EU-LAC Gateway stand is a joint initiative between ALCUE NET project (Latin America, Caribbean and European Union Network on Research and Innovation) and the four Latin American EU liaison offices (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico).

8 Oct 2013

AMERICAS EU-LAC ICT & e-Infrastructures Conference for R&D cooperation held in Campeche, Mexico on 3-4 October 2013

The AMERICAS Conference took place at the Convention Center of Campeche (Mexico) on 3-4 October 2013 in the framework of the CUDI’s Autumn Meeting, hosted by Universidad Autónoma de Campeche. The AMERICAS project has been promoting e-Infrastructures for e-Science collaboration to spread the benefits and power of world-class ICT-based infrastructures for R&D cooperation between Europe and Latin America. The main objectives of the EU-LAC ICT & e-Infrastructures Conference were to show the impact of e-Infrastructures used in different e-Science domains in Latin America: Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics, Data Access & Preservation, Astronomy & Astrophysics, and to strengthen networking between ICT and e-Infrastructures communities, to exchange views, share information and identify new opportunities for R&D collaboration.

The Conference brought together over 200 participants from 10 countries: Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, USA, Spain, and also speakers from UK, Italy and the European Commission in Brussels that participated via videoconference. It was attended by delegates from RedCLARA and GEANT, Latin America’s NRENs (CUDI, RENATA, RedCONARE, RNP and REUNA), EU-LAC projects funded by the European Commission (AMERICAS, RISC, ELCIRA, CHAIN, M.-Inclusion) and other advanced computing initiatives, as well as researchers from Universities and industry (CISCO, NOKIA).

The opening session was chaired by Miguel González, of Tecnológico de Monterrey, and the Conference began with welcome addresses from Sergio Gabriel Matheos, Argentina’s Subsecretary of Institutional Coordination of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (MINCYT) and e-Infrastructures NCP; followed by Carlos Casasús, Director General of CUDI, Yolanda Ursa, the AMERICAS coordinator; Moira Karosuo of CONACYT and Neil Hernández, of Tecnológico de Monterrey and ICT NCP.

The event showed the advance of ICT and e-Infrastructures research in Latin America and its potential for cooperation with Europe. It was organised around four topics:
  • EU-LAC cooperation in ICT & e-Infrastructures
  • e-Infrastructures in the EU-LAC political dialogue
  • ICT and e-Infrastructures priorities in Latin America
  • e-Infrastructures and Innovation in Latin America: Panel on Industry and Academia cooperation
The full agenda including presentations of the Conference can be found here.