5 Mar 2014

Do you want to contribute to social change in LATAM through mobile solutions?

The Road Map for M-Inclusion is one of the main results in the project. M-Inclusion Roadmap is a detailed guide containing: the needs of the identified end users (people with disabilities, chronic patients, people form isolated areas and low-income), suitable technological solutions for these needs, gaps encountered, emerging technological trends and recommended actions in order to fully tackle social inclusion objectives in health, education, economy and mobility, from the current LATAM demography perspectives. 

It also includes the impact that these tendencies will have on the key stakeholders identified: developers, public bodies, financial bodies and industrial partners.

A Roadmap for M-Inclusion Summary is available on (Road Map summary): http://www.m-inclusion.eu/content/public-results

And the complete version of the Roadmap can be downloaded at: http://www.m-inclusion.eu/sites/default/files/D6.1_Roadmap%20for%20M-Inclusion_vfinal.rar

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