25 Feb 2009


The first set of workshops will be held in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. The dates are:
- Buenos Aires: 18/19 March 2009
- Montevideo: 20/21 March 2009
- Santiago de Chile: 2/3 April 2009
- Sao Paulo: 6/7 April 2009
The programme consists in a conference of 1/2 day that promotes the ICT programme and gives an overview of the opportunities it offers, followed by 1.5 days of coaching courses that will familiarise potential participants with the principles of European research projects. Participation is free of charge but numbers are limited. Reservation is obligatory for the coaching courses. More information at www.pro-ideal-eu or at: mm"at"e-accelerator"dot"eu

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  1. I was wondering whether these event will be renewed these year. It would be great to do so.