11 May 2010

WINDS-Caribe: Seminar Report and Videos Online and Roadmap published

Information on the latest developments in the WINDS-Caribe project and some interesting news in terms of Europe-Caribbean cooperation:
First, as you might know the WINDS-Caribe Seminar Report is available online at www.winds-lac.eu, together with some videos of the presentations that were given during the event. Let me thank you again for your kind participation in this event.
Second, building on the Consultation Document that was discussed during the Seminar and taking into account your contributions, we have produced a "Roadmap for EU-Caribbean cooperation in ICT research", a document containing recommendations for governments and for other stakeholders on how to smoothen and improve cooperation between the two region in the important and transversal field of ICT research. If you have any question on the Roadmap (also available at www.winds-lac.eu) or if you would like to further discuss its content, do not hesitate to contact us.
Finally, please note that the WINDS-Caribe project came to an end in December 2009, following two intense years of work that have produced a number of results, all available at www.winds-lac.eu. As announced in occasion of the Brussels event, a new project supported by the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU, aiming at supporting EU-Caribbean cooperation in Science and Technology, called EUCARINET, is presently under negotiation and shall start in April this year: as soon as this new action gets going we will inform you.

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