3 Jun 2010

Commission proposes changes to make EU research funds more accessible to businesses and SMEs

The European Commission has adopted a Communication proposing to simplify access to EU research funds. The Commission realises that the success of its Digital Agenda and Europe 2020 Strategy greatly depend on administrative simplification, more particularly in terms of facilitating the access to the research framework programmes, one of its main policy tools.

The simplification strategy presented can be divided into three parts:

First part:
Changes that can be made under the current legal framework and include the reduction of the time taken to award grants and make payments, fixing of calls for proposals’ deadlines taking into account major holiday periods, or using prizes as a new way of stimulating research.

Second part:
Radical changes to the current financial rules such as the wider use of “average cost methodologies” or lump-sum payments to personnel without any need of recording time for account purposes.

Third Part:
Changes which could be implemented under future R&D Framework Programmes.

The Communication is based on the results of a public consultation; it must be endorsed by the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament.

Download the Commission Communication

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