7 Oct 2010

International aspects of new EU innovation strategy

On page 27-28 of its new innovation strategy for 2010-20, "Innovation Union", the European Commission discusses the international implications of its strategy. Here are a few relevant excerpts:

"The European Union and its Member States should treat scientific cooperation with third countries as an issue of common concern and develop common approaches. This should contribute to global approaches and solutions to societal challenges and to the establishment of a level-playing field (removing barriers to market access, facilitating standardisation, IPR protection, access to procurement etc.). In 2012 together with the ERA Framework, the Commission will propose common EU / Member States priorities in S&T as a basis for coordinated positions or joint initiatives vis-à-vis third countries, building on the work of the Strategic Forum for International Cooperation. In the meantime, the EU and Member States should act in a concerted manner when engaging in S&T agreements and activities with third countries. The potential scope for "umbrella" agreements between the EU and Member States with third countries will be explored".

Furthermore "the European Union should step up its cooperation on the roll-out of the global research infrastructures. By 2012, agreement should be reached with international partners on the development of research infrastructures, including ICT infrastructures, which owing to cost, complexity and/or interoperability requirements can only be developed on a global scale".

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