15 Dec 2010

First ICT Forum held in Santiago, Chile

The first PRO-IDEAL PLUS ICT Forum to support the ICT policy dialogue was held on 3 November 2010 in Santiago de Chile. Preceding the official S&T bilateral meeting between the EU and Chile scheduled for 4 November, the ICT Forum brought together a broad range of key players in the ICT and R&D sector from both, Chile and Europe. After introductory words of the representative of the EU Delegation, Claudia Geyer, Klaus Pendl from DG-INFSO gave an overview on Chilean participation in EU projects and the opportunities that the ICT programme offers. The intervention from Mr. Alfredo Barriga Cifuentes of the Chilean Ministry of economy highlighted the challenges Chile faces in the area of ICT. Speakers from CONCYT, the e-Infrastructures project EVALSO, REUNA and SME groups, as well as DG RTD were complemented by interventions of the European PRO-IDEAL PLUS partners. As preliminary conclusions, the following issues were pointed out:
  • Research+Development+Innovation are crucial for both, the EU and Chile
  • SMEs are at the core of Chile's (and EU's) economy and innovation
  • Need for global action in ICT
  • Challenge to collaborate between academia, industry and governments
  • Up-grade intercontinental connectivity of e-infrastructures for ubiquitous access
  • Chilean challenges: lack of R&D investment; Lack of success stories to prove benefit of ICT; no connection between science and economic value creation

These conclusions were followed by some short term action points, like the participation of a Chilean delegation for the next ICT 2012 event and the emphasis of ICT at the EU-LAC summit 2012 that will be hosted by Chile.

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