20 Mar 2011

PRO-IDEAL promotes ICT event in Brazil

PRO-IDEAL in Brazil sponsors in partnership with the National Social and Economic Development Bank (BNDES), the Ministry of Culture and Mozilla the "Creative Currencies Mesh", a 5-day cycle of workshops, roundtables, conferences and Project Angels pitching sessions at 10 different locations on campus at the University of São Paulo. The organization of this major event is led by the City of Knowledge Research Group and the Technology Policy and Management Research Group, PRO-IDEAL leaders in Brazil. Activities run from March 22 to 26, 2011.
European and Latin American speakers will hold sessions on the trends of ICT Research, Development and Innovation, Policy Dialogues and Project Angels Workshops. According to José Roberto Amazonas, Professor at the Department of Electric Engineering at USP, Brazil leader of the CASAGRAS consortium and a City of Knowledge fellow, this is "a major opportunity to promote policy dialogues, capacity and skills building while at the same time reaching a very large audience in the country".

More info, program details and forms are available at http://www.cidade.usp.br

The event also marks the launch of "Mesh - Why the Future of Business is Sharing", by Lisa Gansky, in Portuguese, as well as the initial offering of "creative currencies" by the City of Knowledge. "Creative currencies is a complementary currency system which operates on a mobile learning platform, it is work in progress, presented at the ICT summit in Brussels in 2010 and a major hub for the attraction and promotion of meshy ICT projects in Brazil", according to Gilson Schwartz, economist, sociologist, journalist, creator and research leader of the City of Knowledge. Schwartz is the PRO-IDEAL Coordinator in Brazil.

The event has the full support of Grupo Estado, the major newspaper and communication group in Brazil.

Conferences and roundtables will be streamed live
via the University of São Paulo IPTV.

More info at cidade@usp.br

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