9 May 2011

First Mexican ICT Dialogue Round Table, 24 May 2011, Mexico-City

Pro-Ideal-Plus is organizing the 24th of May 2011 the first Mexican Round-Table to promote the ICT-dialogue between Europe and the country.

The event aims to open the discussion about the Mexican ICT research priorities, their long-term perspective and their alignment with the EU research priorities. It is one of a series of round-tables that will be held in the different LA partner countries of the project (Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina and Brazil).

The results from these Round Tables will be collected, synthesized and serve as basis for a roadmap on ICT research for the participating LA target countries. Through the joint effort of all relevant stakeholders it is expected to provide a shared insight and long-term vision for ICT cooperation. The roadmap will be a policy document for stakeholders and contribute to a future ICT Agenda in LA in view to strengthen international cooperation with the EU.

The event is targeted to key ICT-stakeholders from academy, government and the private sector.

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