1 Dec 2011

18 new Project Angels successfully trained in FP7 ICT programme and EU funding mechanisms

18 Project Angels from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Bolivia have just received the Project Angels Diploma for their success in the last on-line Project Angels coaching course.

The “Project Angels” network in Latin America is a distinctive contribution of the PRO-IDEAL and the PRO-IDEAL PLUS project that set up a mechanism to train experts (“Angels”) in the understanding of the ICT programme and EU funding rules, thus being able to help potential partners from their countries to become part of a cooperation project. It is an innovative approach to create a sustainable network in the target countries that can provide their acquired special knowledge to potential project partners in their respective countries, and that eventually, will effectively promote the ICT cooperation between the EU and Latin America.

Following the coaching courses and awareness raising events held in the PRO-IDEAL and PRO-IDEAL PLUS target countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Cuba – More than 100 candidates to Project Angels have been recruited and coached so as to attain the “Project Angel” certification. After 3 coaching course editions, the network counts now with more than 45 active Project Angels in Latin America.

Future of the Project Angels

The Project Angels coaching courses where part of the Pro-Ideal and Pro-Ideal Plus projects funded by teh EU FP7 ICT programem and which are now going to the end. However, in order to keep the network and continue the collaboration between Latin America and Europe in the ICT R&D field, new initiatives and activities will be offered from 2012 onwards: Project Angels Summer Schools will be organized within a new project “AMERICAS”, Some Project Angels courses will be continued in several Latin American countries (Run by project partners and/or public institutions), a monthly SKYPE call on Q&A will be offered to the active Project Angels from January 2012 onwards and some Project Angels will be invited to join the external advisors network of EMF.

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