28 May 2012

AMERICAS ICT Master Classes in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires 11-14 June 2012

ICT Master Classes being held on 11 June in Sao Paulo (FAPESP - Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) and on 14 June in Buenos Aires (Fundación Cassará).

The ICT Master Classes are an interactive one-day event, including Knowledge Cafe and Rapid Prototyping techniques combined with the elevator pitch concept, to stimulate interaction among participants, foster collaboration and co-creative interdisciplinary proposals design.

With the support and guidance of a facilitator (FUTOUR, Italy) the main objective of the Master Classes is to trigger the design of collaborative EU-LA ICT proposals in  priority areas selected according to the interest and potential added value for Latin America target country, the ICT Work Programme 2013 and the new EU-Brazil coordinated call for ICT R&D proposals.

The number of participants in each Master Class is limited to 35 people who are keen on participating in future ICT calls for proposals. The profile of the participants includes: researchers and stakeholders from the academia and the industry, with previous knowledge/experience in EU/International cooperation projects, and with some project ideas to be submitted to upcoming ICT calls for proposals.

Sao Paulo Master Class Programme, 11 June 2012
Buenos Aires Master Class Programme, 14 June 2012

More information about Master Classes

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