4 Jul 2012

BIC Workshops on the cross domain coordination of International Cooperation and technical themes in Trustworthy ICT and INCO

The successful BIC workshops, whose main purpose was enhancing coordination and information sharing across the variety of bi-lateral International Cooperation (INCO) activities sponsored by the European Commission, were held on 21st and 22nd June 2012 in Brussels. As BIC spans multiple countries with a unique multi-lateral profile, this particular workshop was designed by BIC to bring together multiple projects and stakeholders that are already engaged in International cooperation with the intent to:
  • Explore the insights and common experiences across projects;
  • Identifying, discussing and assessing (a) key challenges, issues and priorities; and
  • (b) mechanisms for international cooperation that are already available;
  • Explore possible synergistic approaches for mutual collaboration, cooperation and organising future joint INCO research activities and its supporting programmes.
This set of BIC workshops over two days focussed on both the strategic multi-lateral coordination of the cross domain activities within international cooperation and the tactical bi-lateral activities underway in Trustworthy ICT. The event was the launching workshops of the three BIC Working Groups (WGs):
  1. WG1. Human oriented /citizen trust, privacy and security, which focuses on topics related to a multi-disciplinary approach for international cooperation amongst all stakeholders;
  2. WG2. Network Information security / Cybersecurity, which focuses on topics related to the need for international cooperation for enabling the protection of networks and systems;
  3. WG3. Programme /funding focus/ identify community, which focuses on the requirements, processes, mechanisms and barriers to enable collaboration opportunities.
More information on venue details, terms of reference and agendas can be found here.

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