3 Sep 2012

Virtual Herbarium & EUBrazilOpenBio Joint Workshop, 19 & 20 September in Recife, Brazil

The EUBrazilOpenBio project extends an invitation to participate in The Virtual Herbarium of Plants and Fungi of Brazil & EUBrazilOpenBio Joint Workshop to be held in Park Hotel, Rua dos Navegantes, 9, Recife, Brazil (tbc).

The workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for botanists, biodiversity researchers and informatics experts to discuss the needs and challenges they are facing in their researches. The applications implemented by the Virtual Herbarium of Plants and Fungi will serve as an example as to how technology is used in botanical studies in Brazil. At the same time, EUBrazilOpenBio will present the services that its e-Infrastructure is implementing for the wider biodiversity community, thanks to the integration of different state-of-the-art technologies and resources developed in Europe and Brazil. The EUBrazilOpenBio Use Cases on Niche Modelling and cross mapping of Regional and Global Taxonomies will also be presented.

The workshop will also address the economic, social and political implications of Computer Science serving biodiversity in regions such as Europe and Brazil, with special focus on data e-Infrastructures running on grid and cloud computing technologies and on sharing data resources across regions. New areas of cooperation between EU and Brazil will be identified and common socio-economic challenges on biodiversity will be addressed. The outcomes of the workshop will highlight key challenges to be addressed in future EU-Brazil joint funding programmes.

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