4 Oct 2012

The first Project Angels' Webinar is a fact

The first Webinar after the Summer School in Buenos Aires took place yesterday. Current Project Angels, as well as third parties, were present. Dr Margaretha Mazura, Project Angels’ coach, moderated the session. 

The agenda of the Webinar focused, on the one hand, on the EU funding opportunities that were presented during the ICT Proposers’ Day in Warsaw, which took place on 26/27 September, and on the other hand, on the design of future activities for the Project Angels.

The Project Angels who participated put very interesting ideas on the table, upon which EMF-The Forum of Excellence and the Project Angels will work in close cooperation in the future.

A series of Webinars are foreseen in the next months, each one touching upon topics that are of interest for the Project Angels. The next one is scheduled for the beginning of November. More information will be announced soon. So be alert! 

The complete Webinar session, the Power Point Presentation, as well as the minutes of the Webinar can be accessed on the Project Angels' website of AMERICAS. 

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