5 Apr 2013

"EU-LAC cooperation in ICT and e-Infrastructures" Workshop, Querétaro, México April 15 2013

The AMERICAS project invites you to the workshop “EU-LAC Cooperation in ICT and e-Infrastructures: The role of e-Infrastructures in México”, organized by Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) and with the support of CUDI the Mexican NREN, which will be held in Querétaro, México on 15th April, in the context of “Spring CUDI Meeting 2013” (15th - 17th April).

The objective of the workshop is to share the e-Infrastructures mapping of Latin America, main e-Science domains for e-Infrastructures research, as well as Virtual Research Communities (VCR) and application fields linked to domains such as Life sciences, Earth sciences, Engineering, Computer sciences and mathematics, among others.

This research has been elaborated by the AMERICAS Project in collaboration with the Consejo Especial de e-Infraestructuras in Mexico and other Latin American Task Forces for ICT-e-Infrastructures set up by the AMERICAS Project.

Download the agenda and the brochure for more information about the workshop.

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