14 Sep 2008

City of Knowledge 2.0 and PRO-IDEAL

GeMA stands for "Gestão de Mídia Audiovisual para o Desenvolvimento Local", the first program of the City of Knowledge 2.0 wave of innovation, research and, hopefully, local development.

Right now, as we move into pre-production mode in our 3-months long drive towards colaborative wealth creation, about 180 leaders of local groups join the City´s academic staff to discuss how are we going to meet this challenge. Every Saturday morning, at the heights of Vila Madalena, a bohemian neighbourhood close to the University of São Paulo and at a walking distance from the subway station.

Motoboys (delivery bikers), trash recycling cooperatives, hip-hop artists and production engineers, business leaders and media people have started the first issue presented to this social assemblage: what kind of intellectual property rights are we going to protect in our digital journey. Next week, technological issues will come to the fore and, by the end of September, a roadmap for the projects will be visualized as different actors learn their way into problem-solving coalitions.

The theater is a tremendous space for such enactement of representation, especially the Teatro da Vila, part of the local public school and a partnering GeMA fellow connected to the Cidade Escola Aprendiz network of local projects.

The prospect of project angels flying arround is very avatar-izable! Local leaders with technological empowerment can become social, environmental and commercial entrepreuners.

This is a scenario of convergence between R&D and entrepreneurship at the grassroots level. It is a creative environment we hope to foster as our cities are increasingly made (or refurbished) with "knowledge". The PRO-IDEAL framework is at an outstanging level of international cooperation so as to further these creative dialogues mediated by virtual networks for the benefit of entrepreneuship, local development and digital emancipation. 

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