9 Sep 2008

PRO-IDEAL project

PRO-IDEAL stands for "Promotion of an ICT dialogue between Europe and America Latina". It is a project that promotes the ICT programme of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.
What does it mean?
The ICT programme funds innovative research project in a broad range of research involving new technologies, e.g. semantic web, RFID, e-health, e0inclusion etc. This programme is open to partners from third countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, the target countries of PRO-IDEAL. Partners from these countries enjoy the same treatment as European partners, i.e. they receive funding for their activity in the project. Upon specific calls, consortia can submit project proposals.
How can one submit a project proposal?
PRO-IDEAL will familiarise research institutes, companies, public institutions as well as decision makers in the ICT sector with the ICT programme, to enhance participation from the target countries, for the mutual benefit of Europe and the countries of the Cono Sur.

PRO-IDEAL will start on 1 November 2008, and will have its own website at: www.pro-ideal.eu
towards the end of 2008. Until then, news will be published here.

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