11 May 2010

PRO-IDEAL workshop in Colombia - 9/10 July 2009

PRO-IDEAL organised a workshop in Bogota together with Colciencias, on 9/10 July 2009.
Programme in Spanish
Programme in English
The course modules, are on our training page.
The presentations of the Bogota sessions are:
  1. Digital Strategy 2009, Challenges for a Better Country Using ICT, Patricia Azmar, Ministerio de Comunicaciones de Colombia
  2. EU-Colombia ICT Cooperation under the EU’s 7th R&D Framework Programme, Klaus Pendl, European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, International Relations Unit.
  3. Making the Best of Collaborative Opportunities between Latin America and Europe, Philippe Wacker, Member of the Board of Directors, EMF – The European Network of eExcellence.
  4. Role of the Liaison Office of Colciencias within the Context of FP7, Sara Araujo Santos, NCP INCO FP7
  5. Cooperation Opportunities in the Networked Electronic Media Sector: The experience of Sala+, Fernando Alarcón, CINTEL, Colombia
  6. The PRO-IDEAL Project: Strengthening ICT Cooperation between Europe and América Latina, Yolanda Ursa, INMARK
  7. PRO-IDEAL: How it Can Help the Local Research Community to Become Involved in ICT Projects, Margaretha Mazura, Secretary General, EMF
  8. Ingredients of a successful project
  9. EU projects success stories - first hand experiences:
    - The experience of LEKTOR and PRO-IDEAL
    - The experience of EELA-2 (E-science grid facility for
    Europe and Latin America)
Please visit our workshop photo galery.
If you wish to receive further information, please send a short e-mail to us.

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