16 Jun 2010

Empowering EU-LA ICT Collaboration - ICT 2010 Networking Session

This Networking Session will take place in Brussels during the ICT 2010 event on 27-29 September. The ICT 2010 is a biannual event organised by the European Commission. The last one in 2008 attracted almost 5000 visitors active in ICT.
The Networking Session will be facilitated by four FP7-ICT running projects promoting ICT research collaboration: PRO-IDEAL, PRO-IDEAL PLUS, FORESTA, and FIRST, and will provide an opportunity for participants to share ICT project ideas and empower closer collaboration between Europe and Latin America through proactive networking. Key topics discussion will showcase practical tools to participate in ICT projects, like the ICT Wiki of the PRO-IDEAL platform, Project Angels support or the Technology Platforms in Latin America.

The Agenda of the Networking Session will be available soon at www.pro-ideal.eu and ICT 2010 website.

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