16 Jun 2010

PRO-IDEAL and Ideal-ist event in Chile and Uruguay

PRO-IDEAL, in collaboration with Ideal-ist, organized in Uruguay (23 of March) and Chile (25 of March) a workshop to spread knowledge about PRO-IDEAL on-line tools to facilitate the participation in ICT R&D projects, e.g. the ICT Wiki, training modules and partners search. Ideal-ist National Representatives in Mexico and Argentina presented its partners search service throughout Latin America.
The events mobilized over 120 qualified participants in the ICT field from the academia, private and public sector, providing a great opportunity for participants to gain an up-to-date knowledge and hands-on work of the issues in international cooperation with Europe.
Both events also showcased the benefits for potential participants in the FP7-ICT Programme to take advantage from the combined services of PRO-IDEAL and Ideal-ist in order to successfully apply to FP7.

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