16 Sep 2010

Latin America defines ICT research priorities for cooperation with Europe

The findings of a recent survey conducted in June 2010 by PRO-IDEAL and PRO-IDEAL PLUS projects show that common Latin America ICT research priorities exist and they are aligned with the European R&D priorities defined in the ICT Work Programme 2011-2012. The questionnaire was answered by 356 ICT researchers and stakeholders from Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, representing Universities and research centres, the industry and Government institutions.

The survey outlines the top ten ICT priorities to enhance research cooperation between Latin America and Europe:

  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Future Networks
  • Intelligent Information Management
  • ICT for efficient water resources management
  • Computing Systems
  • ICT for access to cultural resources
  • ICT Systems for Energy Efficiency
  • ICT solutions for governance and policy modelling
  • Smart Energy Grids
  • Patient Guidance Services (PGS), safety and healthcare record information reuse

The ICT priorities identified in the survey create a solid basis for future ICT R&D cooperation and will be the basis for building a Roadmap on ICT research cooperation between Europe and Latin America.

The complete Report on ICT Research Priorities in Latin America. Results from PRO-IDEAL PLUS Survey can be downloaded here.

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