16 Sep 2010

Upcoming Events: ICT Interactive workshops in Mexico D.F and Medellín

  • 8-9 November 2010, Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey - ITESM
  • 11-12 November 2010, Medellín, Universidad Nacional de Colombia- Facultad de Minas

  • These interactive workshops will be held in the framework of PRO-IDEAL PLUS ICT Days to raise awareness and engage interested persons in Mexico and Colombia in the FP7 ICT programme, the mechanisms of European funding and guide them in a proactive way to project proposal writing.

    The workshops address selected groups of participants from the academia and the industry (30-35 per country) and will apply new participatory methods like Safari, to stimulate creativity, innovation and engagement, as to increase the quality and quantity of Latin America and EU ICT R&D cooperation projects.

    • Networking, clustering and teambuilding
    • Connective intelligence and contactivity
    • Demand-driven project design
    • Innovation through interaction and creativity techniques
    • Sharing of information
    • Knowledge generation

    The Agenda of the events will be available soon at www.pro-ideal.eu

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