16 Sep 2010

PRO-IDEAL leads the debate on ICT policies and R&D priorities in Uruguay and Argentina

PRO-IDEAL organised in Montevideo (30-31 August) and Buenos Aires (2-3 September) awareness raising workshops to continue promoting the opportunities for ICT R&D collaboration between Europe and Latin America, and to enhance the ICT policy dialogue.

In Montevideo, the event took place at the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU), and it was supported by Incubadora de Empresas INGENIO (spin-off support) and the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANNI). The event addressed public policies and ICT research priorities and brought together more than 90 key players in the ICT field.

In parallel, the PRO-IDEAL delegation including LATU, INMARK and EMF partners took part in a set of face to face meetings with selected stakeholders and policy makers in Science, Technology and ICT, including the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANNI), Fundación Ricaldoni, and the main Universities of Uruguay: Universidad de la República – Computing Institute, Universidad Católica del Uruguay and Universidad ORT.

The workshop in Buenos Aires was organised by MINCYT in the framework of the Argentine Informatics Days JAIIO 39, and supported by the Liaison Office Argentina-UE (ABEST). Around 35 researchers, industry representatives and policy makers attended the event. There was a session on international cooperation Argentina-EU in ICT, followed by a roundtable chaired by ABEST-MINCYT to discuss about the ICT policies and priorities status in Argentina with key national stakeholders and policy makers as panellists. The main topic was the ICT scenario in Argentina and the future of international cooperation in R&D ICT with Europe.

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