4 Jul 2011

ICT Forum, Buenos Aires 6 October 2011

As part of the PRO-IDEAL PLUS activities to support the ICT policy dialogue between Europe and Latin America, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation – National Direction of International Relations - (MINCyT) through the Liaison Office Argentina-EU (ABEST) is organising an ICT Forum that will take place on 6 October at Fundación Cassará (Av. de Mayo 1194), Buenos Aires.
The ICT Forum will bring together national and international ICT leaders and decision makers to discuss and share knowledge on R&D and innovation priorities in the ICT field. The event aims at strengthening dialogue across institutions and ICT research cooperation between Argentina and Europe, thus contributing to the bilateral S&T Cooperation Agreement roadmap.

The ICT Forum sessions will be chaired by the ICT- NCP Rosa Wachenchauzer and the PRO-IDEAL PLUS project coordinator Yolanda Ursa from INMARK, who will guide the Forum discussions intended to explore opportunities for international cooperation in ICT, in areas of common interest between Argentina and Europe, as well as growth, competitiveness and innovation factors that foster ICT development.

At the end of the ICT Forum, the first Assembly of the Argentinean Technological Platform – PLATA will take place, organised by the FIRST project in collaboration with PRO-IDEAL PLUS.

For further information please contact abest@mincyt.gov.ar

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