8 Jul 2011

Workshop on International cooperation projects in Support to Research and Innovation Policies and Competence Building: Conclusions for LA

The Workshop on International cooperation projects in support to Research and Innovation Policies and Competence Building was held the 16 and 17 of June in Brussels. The event was organized by the European Commission's DG Research's Directorate for International Cooperation (INCO) and it targeted four regions: The Mediterranean Region, Sub-Sahara Africa, South-East Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean Region.
The LA-Caribbean session counted with the participation of different initiatives were Pro-Ideal and Pro-Ideal plus project were also mentioned as collaboration partners. (See the Eularinet presentation by M.A. Macías García)

The main messages that came out from the LA and Caribbean session focused on Target achievement (NCPs, SICAs), Impacts on policy dialogue and at institutional level, the importance of the regional dimension to facilitate the internationalisation of activities and create leverage/critical mass, Grant schemes activated through open calls to ensure motivation, fairness and leverage, and a structured framework for synergies and collaborations .

Some of the outcomes and recommendations were to Increase networking effectiveness and reinforce intra-regional cooperation (BTSF, EUCARINET), to promote intersectoral education/training activities to nurture a new generation of multidisciplinary researchers (EDULINK) and to provide better (more systematic and comprehensive) information.
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