7 Sep 2011

Recent developments in the EU-Latin America scientific and technological dialogue

Following the launch of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation at the a EU-LAC Ministerial Forum on Science and Technology in Madrid on 14 May 2010, the first meeting of Senior Officials of the Forum took place on 28-29 March in Brussels. The senior officials agreed on the establishment of three thematic working groups on the Bioeconomy including food security; Biodiversity and climate change; and ICTs for meeting societal challenges. There was, in addition, a commitment to explore a potential fourth group on energy. A cross-cutting working group on funding and successful collaborative mechanisms was also established. For more information, see a short summary article here.

On 9 June 2011,  the EU-LAC Senior Officials Working Group on "ICT for Meeting Societal Challenges" met for the first time in Santiago de Chile (under the co-chair of Chile and Finland). Representatives from Colombia, Chile, Finland, France, Peru and Spain attended. It was preceded (on 7-8 June) by a workshop on "Information and Communication Technologies for Innovation" organised by CHIEP II, FORESTA and EULARINET: see proceedings here.

On 19 July 2011, the European Commission briefed Latin American partners on new collaborative opportunities based on the 2012 work programme of FP7, through a video conference: see summary in PPT format here.

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