12 Sep 2011

Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop, 16 September, Buenos Aires

On September 16th, the Liaison Office Argentina - European Union (ABEST) and the CASAGRAS2 project organize the "Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop in Argentina" that is a pragmatic way to discuss with the Argentine community the IoT most relevant aspects as technical, social and economic, governance, standards, for the development of services and acceptance of the IoT by the society. The event will be held from 9.30AM to 7.30PM in Fundación Cassará (Av. de Mayo 1194, Ciudad de Buenos Aires). The meeting in Argentina was in a series of regional workshops raised in Sao Pablo, Bogota and Chile.

The CASAGRAS2 is an European Commission funded project within the Framework Programme 7 and its focus is the study of the fascinating field of the Internet of Things (IoT). International cooperation is seen as an imperative in the developments towards an appropriately governed, appropriately structured realisation of the Internet of Things.

ABEST was created in October 2005. It operates at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Nation (MINCyT), in the National Directorate of International Relations with co-funding of the European Union and the MINCyT.

It is a completely free event targeted to professors, researchers, developers and users of IoT applications and services. Due to space restrictions, please confirm your participation to abest@mincyt.gov.ar

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