2 Jul 2012

Mexican partner of AMERICAS, Tecnologico de Monterrey, appointed TF-members during the first Mexican e-infrastructure TASK FORCE Session in CONACYT

After the inauguration of the Mexican e-infrastructure Task Force on the 25th of May during the CUDI Spring Conference 2012 in Ensenada, one month later, on the 26th of June the first Mexican task force session was held in order to appoint officially the leader and the members of the so called (for its nomination in Spanish) “Special Council for e-Infrastructures Mexico”. Dr. Carlos Casasús Lopez Hermosa, the General Director of the national research and education network, CUDI, was nominated as President of the Council. Furthermore 3 government, 3 industry and 5 academia representatives from the most important national entities working on the development of e-infrastructures in Mexico were nominated as official members of the Council.

 After the nomination ceremony all participants of the session presented themselves to the audience before starting to work during an interactive session in thematic working groups, which pretended to set the basis for the national mapping of e-infrastructure in Mexico. The thematic topics were selected according to the existing communities already constituted by CUDI and were therefore designated to the following four principle thematic working tables during the interactive session:
  1. Health and Life Sciences
  2. Computer Sciences
  3. Education and e-government
  4. Engineering 
At each working table, participants discussed about the communities, services, applications, components (including software, hardware, networks, data bases and operating systems), working teams and suppliers related to their topic in order to design a first draft of the Mexican e-infrastructure map. 

Beside the detailed technical information asked during this session, it was above all very useful for the participants to know each other and as a sensibiliser to recognize the necessity of a national e-infrastructure map as a base to improve research and technological development in the field. Through the presence of key stakeholders in each working table, the exercise was also very useful to identify the experts able to supply the Council with specific information in order to complement the Mexican e-infrastructure map, which will now be the follow up work of this event and lead to the following sessions of the Council. 

Mexican Task Force Members: Joel Ireta (UAM), Gilberto Romero Rios (SOFTTEK), Luis Pineda (REMIDEC, RED-TIC), Carmen Heras (AMCAV), Jesús Cruz (UNAM), Ricardo Velázquez (CINVESTAV), Carlos Patiño (Mexican Parliament), Miguel Gonzalez (ITESM), Rogelio Garza (CANIETI) and Carlos Casasús (President, CUDI)

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