3 Jul 2012

Paraguay: a temporary dent in the country’s surging ICT sector

Despite Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo kicked out of office launched an Information, Communication, and Technology policy without any consultation to the ICT sector, it is growing by 14%. The country is already a big provider of hardware thank to its cheapest costs in the region. 
The Paraguayan government launched a Ministry of IT and Communications in April of this year that seeks to stimulate the efforts of local governments, research centers, universities, and private industry to accelerate and direct the advancement of the country’s ICT sector. The Cámara de Tecnología de la Información del Paraguay (CTIP) recently predicted that sales of software and IT services may grow by 15 percent this year and the small market for software exports 8 percent. The country is also organizing events such as SummIT titled “How to take advantage of Information and Communications Technologies for the development of the society.” or the international HUBCON 2012 conference, an ethical hacking conference that focuses on best practices to protect information flow from current threats.

Excitement about ICT and the country’s future is being driven by youth.  “60 percent of our population is under 28 years old and they are growing up with a lot more tech knowhow,” said Yambay.
TJ Thomander, Director of Communications at Tech Change, interviewed approximately 150 recent high school graduates in Paraguay and says “they are ready for it, they want to be competitive with other countries and they feel their prospects are very good,” when asked about how Paraguayan youth approach technology.

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