3 Jul 2012

Want to Make Friends in Brazil? Start a Corporate Facebook Page

Today, Brazilians grow the most in terms of Facebook usage. With more than 48 million registered Facebook users, Brazil is just behind the United States. For companies, approaching these users online is a good brand strategy, which can be quite rewarding.
According to research conducted by the website SocialBakers, which focuses on social media marketing, the Brazilian corporate pages of global brands are the ones that grow more rapidly on Facebook today. Among ten different pages of companies worldwide that have the fastest growing number of “virtual fans,” five are from Brazil.


  1. Knowing that, the FIBRE project (selected under the 1st coordinated call between Brazil/CNPq and Europe/FP7) created its own Facebook page: facebook.com/fibre.project

  2. Thank you for sharing yours. We are thinking about building our own because it is a very efficient way of communication in LAC and especially Brazil. If we do it, we will certainly contact you back!