26 Oct 2012

Emerging nations figure in the latest Global Innovation Index

In the latest Global Innovation Index (GII), Switzerland figures as the most innovative country in the world. Switzerland holds the first place in a list which is dominated by European countries.

The Index shows the rise of emerging nations such as China (29) and Brazil (47). These countries – which have risen 14 and 19 places respectively on last year's table – are developing efficient innovation as their economies develop.

Gary Nugent, head of corporate services at Alcatel-Lucent, one of the report's sponsors, pointed out: "They really are generating a substantial amount of scientific and creative output from an environment which is not the most heavily invested or mature. That implies that if they are able to maintain that degree of productivity that will have a gearing effect."

Professor Dutta said this showed that innovation is "happening globally," adding: "It is not a question of it only happening in rich economies. So you need a global strategy for innovation."

"Innovation is critical to driving growth in both developed and emerging economies, especially during a time when the global economy is still in a state of recovery," according to Soumitra Dutta, professor of business and technology at INSEAD and editor of the study.

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