1 Oct 2012

Mexico’s first Smarter Data Center by IBM

IBM has invested $30 million in it Mexico’s first Smarter Data Center at its Guadalajara Technology Campus in September.  This is a significant chunk of its $70 million budget for hi-tech initiatives and new projects in Mexico in 2012. The Center will create 6,000 jobs for local workers.
Jalisco Governor Emilio Gonzalez said: “Jalisco is grateful to IBM for being one of the most important drivers we have in the consolidation of the IT and communication clusters that exist in our state. It is impressive to see how this sector has been transformed … Innovation has been a hallmark of this sector in our state.”
The Smarter Data Center will provide clients in local government and businesses with 3D tools for IT infrastructure planning and modeling accuracy, plus virtual tools for monitoring system performances in real time, thus enabling more informed and timely decision making.

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