2 Oct 2012

Results of the the ICT Proposers’ Day

The ICT Proposers’ Day which was held in Warsaw on 26/27 September was a success. Over 2.000 European and international stakeholders gathered in the Polish capital to acquire information about the funding opportunities offered by the ICT Work Programme 2013 and to exchange ideas on future project proposals.

The funding opportunities under "EU-Brazil ICT Cooperation" and "International Partnership building and support to dialogues" were presented by Mr Manuel Monteiro, European Commission, 'Experimetal Platforms' Unit and by Mr Adriel Cabrera, European Commission, "International Cooperation" Unit respectively. 

Margaretha Mazura, EMF, gave a presentation on AMERICAS and encouraged the audience to visit the AMERICAS website and participate in the activities of the project. Particular reference was given to the Project Angels’ network that supports partner search in Latin American countries.

If you are interested in learning more about the Proposers' Day, you can still register for the first Project Angels Webinar which will take place on 3 October at 4.30 pm CET. Deadline for registration is 2 October!

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