11 Oct 2012

Mobile revolution brings mixed benefits to Brazil

According to the World Bank, 98% of the population of Latin America now have a mobile phone signal, with Argentina and Panama in particular seeing an explosive growth in subscriptions. 

Predictions are that by 2015, at least half of Brazil's population, or 100 million people, will have a mobile phone with internet access. Despite having sky-high tariffs on mobiles and too much legislation and regulation, Brazil will soon see a smartphone revolution.

Meanwhile the favelas, the illegal settlements in Brazil that spring up on the fringes of urban areas, known as shanty towns, which tend to be crowded, lack basic amenities and sanitation, and have informal market conditions, have experienced their own mobile revolution but not always a legitimate one.


  1. According to me, mobile phones play the most important role in today's busiest life. Just think, what will happen if we don't use mobile phone for one day? I am sure now it has become very difficult to think about this concern. Over all, we can say it's a beneficial thing for us.

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    1. Sure! And this kind of news means that Brazilian companies should think about the way they are providing informations. Is it user-friendly with mobile devices? Do we have a efficient app? What could we do to promote our product/service via mobile? ... That means also that they need (to hire) professionals such as developpers.