10 Jan 2013

Successful contacts Chile-EU in Warsaw Proposers Day

The AMERICAS project organized two actions aiming at promoting the participation of Chilean ICT researchers in the European Commission's ICT Proposers’ Day 2012 in Warsaw, Poland on 26-27 September 2012:
  1. A call for letters of intent with the purpose of supporting the participation of a Chilean ICT researcher in the ICT Proposers’ Day.
  2. The opportunity to fill in a Researcher’s Profile Fiche for the attendants of the AMERICAS’ Master Class in Chile gave the chance to get in contact with the researchers attending the ICT Proposers’ day too.
These two actions were powerful instruments for networking between Chilean ICT researchers and their foreign peers as they enabled the Chilean researchers taking part in the Warsaw event to promote the potential of other Chilean organizations to participate in ICT projects.

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